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Tim is an entirely improvised short film by director David V that was shot in the spring of 2020 when the first wave of Covid hit Europe and in a collective rush of stupidity toilet paper became scarce goods. What was initially intended to be nothing more then a quick camera test for our then newly purchased Sony PXW-FX9 quickly evolved into a tiny short of 7 minutes. Tied together by a wonderful score by David Rimsky-Korsakow the lose impressions shot entirely on and around the premises of our art department transformed into a poetic little contemplation of human nature. The film starring first time actor Aljoscha Schendel features the collective camerawork of DPs Manuel Schamberger, Lucas Fiederling, Anton Baeliev and Jacob Sauermilch. The costumes and props were designed by Oliver Arndt and David V, Moritz Monorfalvi did the sounddesign. The film was produced by Nils Werner, Lucas Rücker, Christina H. Lee and Associate Producer Maximilian Viktor. Maxim Schendel doubled his brother Aljoscha in the blue house scene.

Cast: Joscha & Maxim Schendel
Directed by: David V
Produced by: Nils Werner, Lucas Rücker, Christina H. Lee
DoP: Manuel Schamberger, Lucas Fiederling, Anton Beliaev, Jakob Sauermilch
Music by: David Rimsky-Korsakow
Costumes & Props: Oliver Arndt,  David V