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Lost Christians is a comedy format losely based on our 2020 Short Film ‚The Last Christians‘. We enter into the world of some dorky mercenaries who have founded a militia called ‚The Christian State‘ in order to fight back on Islamic expansion and defeat ISIS in open battle.


The plot of the six episodes first season revolves around our protagonist Major Michael Schilling who just was put in command of Batallion V, stationed in Brandenburg, Germany. He struggles hard to keep his troops, entirely consisting of deputised villagers in line, while preparing them for a grand inspection by their commander in chief, high priest Hartmut Holbein. And if that wasn‘t enough, they have just been informed that the priest has schedule his inspection over the easter holidays – the most important celebration in the christian church.


Lost Christians is a character driven, episodic comedy format with an Episode length of 20 minutes. The format is comparable to shows like ‚The Office‘ or ‚Parks and Recreation‘. Unlike the predecessing short film ‚The Last Christinas‘ which focussed on long one shots and a slow obscurity, LOST CHRISTIANS will be shot in a multi camera setup and edited at a much faster pace. We aim for a high frequency of jokes but also do not want to deprive our protagonists of their dignity. It is imperative that, in all their maniacal ridiculousness, our characters still remain relatable to our audience.


The fake documentary feel merely serves as a stylistic device here. It allows us to accompany our characters during their most vulnerable, profound or hilariously foolish moments and to empathize with their situation no matter if they are painfully aware that they are being filmed or totally forget about the cameras in the heat of the moment.


We intend to shoot two versions of LOST CHRISTIANS simultaneously. One entirely german version for the domestic market and a partly english and partly german version aiming at an international audience.