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LOST CHRISTIANS is a comedic mockumentary series format with a runtime of 15-20 minutes per episode.

We follow Canadian backpacker and hobby-ornithologist ALAN EDEN on a hike through the wide plains of Brandenburg, Germany when he suddenly runs into a group of heavily armed, paramilitary soldiers. Confused by their presence and bewildered by their behavior he assumes, that they have to be some kind of live action role play or corporate theatre group on an outing in the woods. But as they invite him into their camp and he gets an idea of the full size of their “operation” he realizes that there is something way more bizarre going on. When their leader MAJOR MICHAEL SCHILLING offers him to stay and follow them along with his camera for a while, Alan’s curiosity overwhelms his caution. He simply cannot resist.

What follows is a small odyssey along and beyond the edge of madness. As Alan digs deeper he slowly uncovers a network of personal hubris and sophomoric delusion fueled by the groups misguided longing for significance. When Alan finally finds out what they are actually up to he can’t believe what he’s hearing: The young men have founded ‘The Christian State’. A militia with the sole purpose to face and defeat ISIS in open battle.

After the overall idea of the Christian State has been established, we boil the story down to a more personal level. Within this highly absurd framework we now focus on the characters motivations, personality and interaction with each other; simply put, their day to day lives.

Besides our protagonist Major Michael Schilling, we will further explore pre-existing characters like the bomb builder JULES VERNE or the strategist FIELD MARSHALL REICHMANN but also establish new ones like the soviet sniper IRYNA and DIETER, the Klingon refugee from outer space. We learn about their hopes and fears, make them relatable and show that behind all of their ridiculous ideas all of them are loveable people with a profound longing for real connection, meaning and acceptance.